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Five Ways To Prove Your Auto Accident Claims

© lupoalb68 - Fotolia.comAuto accidents happen when you least expect them. What happens afterward will depend on how prepared you are to handle the situation. Insurance companies may be able to shoulder the cost of property damage and medical bills but they will not turn over any amount that easily. Claims must be proven before funds can be provided. Here are five ways to strengthen the case for auto accident victims:

1. Photographs

Crash sites are typically chaotic but you must do your best to remain calm and composed to make the most out of the situation. Attend to any injuries before anything else as safety must always come first. Afterwards, try to take photographs of the accident from as many angles as possible. The pictures should make it apparent where guilt lies. This task should not be that difficult if you can still move about. In most cases, any mobile phone camera will suffice. For shots, however, flash photography may be needed so it’s a good idea to have a decent camera on standby.

2. Police Report

Call the police for both major and minor accidents. They will inspect the scene and retrace the events as they unfolded. After careful investigation, they will make a definitive assessment as to who is at fault. Their findings are extremely important in convincing the insurance companies to honor accident claims. If the police report is on your side, then you will have an easier time collecting funds. However, if they do not see it your way then you may have to take extra effort to explain your side of the story.

3. Medical Records

A lot of accidents result in bodily harm. The driver and the passengers may suffer bruises, scars, fractures, and other conditions directly as a result of the impact. Taking pictures of these is advisable but photographs will not suffice. Go to a doctor immediately to get treatment even if the condition seems minor. You never know if there is any internal bleeding going on or other hidden dangers. The medical records will also solidify the need for claims to be disbursed right away.

4. Witness Accounts

There’s a good chance that people nearby saw the accident happen. Try to get their names and contact details for later reference. When the parties involved trade accusations and push different versions of events, the authorities go to eyewitness accounts to get unbiased views. Witnesses fill in the gaps and lend credibility to the story of either party. They can make or break a case.

5. Personal Affidavit

Finally, there’s the personal affidavit that contains a detailed recollection of the events as they unfolded. Both the authorities and the insurance companies will read this with interest to check whether the statement and the evidence support each other. The facts must be clearly laid out. The statement must anticipate questions from the insurance provider and provide satisfactory answers to these. As long as these five elements are present, then people shouldn’t have much of a problem collecting their claims.

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