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Are You a Victim of a Defective Product?

When investing a certain amount of money, be it a few dollars or a few thousands of dollars, in buying a product, it is important to carefully scrutinize what you are choosing and whether or not it suits your requirement. But sometimes, in spite of careful considerations and testing, we end up with defective products that cost us money. In some unfortunate cases, it may also cost you something more valuable – like your physical or mental health, your time or even your future. In such cases, a personal injury lawyer can help you. 

Understanding product liability claim

© - Fotolia.comSometimes you may end up buying a faulty product or a wrong product due to a fault at the manufacturer or seller’s end. Faulty packaging, labeling or error in product design can result in accidents or situations that cause you harm. This harm can be personal, like a bodily injury or disability, or it can cause damage to your property. In any case, when you are physically, mentally or financially affected for a certain period of time or permanently due to a faulty product, you should consider filing a product liability claim to get compensated fairly.

When to consider product liability

Product liability law covers cases where an individual’s suffering has been physical, mental or both due to a defective product that he or she has purchased and used. If you are not sure when you should consider contacting a personal injury/product liability lawyer, here are a few scenarios that can give you an idea.

1. When a product purchased by you does not function as the manufacturer said it would.

2. If you or anyone in your home has been physically or mentally hurt due to a defect in a product.

3. If the manufacturer has offered a guarantee for the product and it does not function for as long as it should have without any issues.

4. Examples of faulty products that can cause harm include faulty tires, air bags, seat belts in an automobile; non-functional electronic appliances like televisions, toasters, heaters, furniture, grooming appliances; outdoor furniture like a swing, a ladder which can break and result in injury to the person.

A product liability claim can be raised when you get a faulty product for your home or office.

You have a right to your money

Having your hard-earned money go to waste due to the fault of a manufacturer is not fair to you. When you want your money’s worth back, don’t hesitate to take legal action against the company that has manufactured and/or sold the faulty product to you.

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