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Types of Surgery Commonly Associated with Alabama Auto Accidents

Car accidents can be scary events. They can often be physically damaging to the people involved. Injuries sustained in a car accident can be devastating and debilitating. Often the injured party must have surgery to live a normal life again. Following are some of the most common types of injuries that are sustained in Alabama car accidents and the surgeries that can help alleviate them.

© lightwavemedia - Fotolia.comNeck injuries

Neck injuries are quite common in auto accidents. The least severe types of neck injuries are whiplash and neck strain. These injuries can usually be treated with some chiropractic care. More serious neck injuries include cervical dislocation and disc injuries. These injuries may require surgery to have them repaired. Neck fusion surgery will rejoin the neck bones that were jarred apart in the accident and alleviate the resulting pressure and pain that are associated with the injury.

Spinal cord injuries

Car accidents can sometimes cause displaced bone fragments, disk material, and ligaments in the back that can result in loss of feeling or function. Surgery is often required to alleviate these issues. Common types of spinal surgery to have after a car accident include the following:

– Spinal fusions that join two or more vertebrae to relieve herniated discs or spinal fracture.

– Vertebroplasties are surgeries where a cement mixture is injected into a vertebra to repair a fracture.

– Kkyphoplasties are surgeries where a balloon is inserted into a fractured vertebra as a means of fixing a fracture.

– Discectomies refer to the removal of a herniated disc.

– Laminectomies or laminotomies occur when either a portion of or entire lamina that covers the spinal cord is removed to relieve pressure on the spinal cord.

Facial injuries

Facial injuries can occur in a car accident when someone hits the steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, side window, or car seats. They can also occur if the airbag deploys or if the person is hit by flying shattered glass. Sometimes the injuries are superficial, such as bumps, bruises and shallow scrapes. Other times, these injuries are more severe and require surgery to fix them. Facial traumas that include injuries to the teeth, mouth, jaws, and the structure of the face might require either oral or maxillofacial surgery to restore proper appearance to the victim as well as proper functioning of the affected body parts.

Internal injuries

Car accidents can easily result in some severe internal injuries. Although they cannot be seen with the naked eye, internal injuries are dangerous because they are often life-threatening. Car accidents cause damage to internal organs such as kidneys, the liver, bowels, the spleen, and even the heart. There is also a good chance that ribs can be broken, which can lead to a punctured lung. A medical professional should identify an internal injury as soon as possible, and the appropriate surgical procedure should be conducted.

Arm injuries

Limbs are particularly vulnerable in a car accident. Every part of the arm is at risk during an accident. Side-impact collisions can break arm bones easily. Shoulders and elbows are also vulnerable to fracture. If any part of the arm is broken, surgery could be necessary to repair the break.

Leg injuries

Legs are also vulnerable to traumatic injury in a car accident. Knees can easily be knocked around by the impact of the accident. The result of the impact can be dislocation or fracture, which will require surgery to rectify. The muscles and tendons around the knees can also be damaged, which would also require surgery. Although the leg bones are incredibly strong, they are still vulnerable to breaks. Often, the best way to fix a broken leg bone is to insert a pin in the bone to restore the strength that was lost. The only way to accomplish this is through a surgical procedure.

Hip injuries

Hip injuries that are sustained in a car accident are similar to other types of leg injuries. Since having strong hips are essential to a properly functioning human body, it is important that they are repaired properly. Sometimes hip damage caused by a car accident can be severe, and the bones can be crushed. Some surgeries to repair hip damage include inserting plates and screws to help the bones mend properly as well as full hip replacements.

Ankle injuries

Ankles can bear the brunt of a lot of pressure during the impact of a car accident. The bones, muscles, ligaments, and tissue that make up the ankle can easily become severely damaged during the accident. Healthy ankles are vital to help people maintain balance and proper movement on a daily basis. When they are injured, surgery is often necessary to repair the body part and regain proper functioning.

All too often, car accidents can result in injuries to the people involved. Regardless of the body part that is hurt, there is an available surgery to allow people to regain full functionality to the injured body parts.

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