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Safety Officials Warn Hoverboard Owners about Fire Safety

Safety Officials Warn Hoverboard Owners about Fire Safety

As hoverboards continue to pose a safety hazard to Alabama residents and citizens across the country, safety officials continue to remind consumers of the great danger they pose. Only days removed from when the University of Alabama and other universities across the state banned hoverboards, safety officials now warn that hoverboard owners should keep a fire extinguisher handy in their home.

Since the quality assurance of hoverboards is notably poor, safety concerns continue to plague the defective products. Federal officials have taken notice, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Chairman Elliot Kaye has now issued a forceful statement regarding the danger of hoverboards.

According to Chairman Kaye,

“There are certain basic safety technologies we expect these units to have that should prevent overheating and potential combustion.”

Kaye noted that hoverboards fail to have these basic safety technologies, and while most of the safety concerns pertaining to hoverboards are because of the fires and explosions they cause, Kaye said hoverboard safety concerns extend beyond those issues.

As a result, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is also investigating whether hoverboard falls are also caused by a lack of safety standards. While that investigation is still ongoing, Chairman Kaye advised hoverboard owners that it is in their best interests to have a fire extinguisher in the home if they continue to insist on owning a hoverboard. In addition to obtaining a working fire extinguisher, Chairman Kaye also suggests that all owners should wear helmets.

These statements should not be taken as an endorsement of hoverboards by Chairman Kaye. Rather, he is merely trying to mitigate the danger and damage these devices can cause. Chairman Kaye is adamantly against the notion of hoverboard purchases, a fact underscored by his applauding Amazon for fully refunding hoverboard purchases, and Chairman Kaye has called on other retailers to do the same.

The safety commission is continuing to monitor the safety of devices manufactured and distributed by the following list of companies.

Other Industries Taking Notice of the Hoverboard Threat

As mentioned by Chairman Kaye, Amazon has responded to the threat of hoverboards by offering full refunds to consumers who purchased hoverboards on Amazon. Retailers like Amazon are far from the only industry taking the hoverboard threat seriously.

For their part, the airline industry is saying “no thanks” to hoverboards as well. More than 60 airlines have come together to ban hoverboards on their flights, including big names like American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines.

As more and more industries are coming together to take the hoverboard threat seriously, Alabamans need to ask themselves whether purchasing a hoverboard is worth the risk.

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