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Rules to Follow When Driving Around 18-Wheelers

Driving on highways, where you have to pass a number of heavily loaded trucks is not an easy task. Not to forget that it is also risky. Following traffic rules therefore, becomes more than necessary when you are around such large vehicles, especially 18-wheelers, which are prone to accident due to their bulkiness. If you are planning to go on a long drive, or are taking a trip that needs you to be on the highway for long, here are a few rules you must keep in mind when maneuvering around 18-wheelers.

Keep out of the blind spots

© James Steidl - Fotolia.comIt is very important that you know where the blind spots of 18-wheelers are. Compared to cars or other vehicles, trucks have larger blind spots especially to the sides and the rear, and drivers can miss an entire car in it. Considering the size of 18-wheelers and the dangers of getting under the vehicle’s wheels, it is necessary that you stay out of their blind spots as far as possible.

Maintain distance

When traveling behind or in-front of large trucks, always maintain extra distance than you would with smaller vehicles like cars or minivans. Highway driving is usually fast, but when needed, cars and other smaller vehicles can come to a stop almost instantly. Trucks cannot stop quickly, which means they cover a considerable distance before coming to a halt. If you are anywhere in that space, you are likely to get hit by the truck. Also, if you are behind the truck, try maintaining double the usual space to avoid ramming into it when it slows or stops.

Avoid sudden brakes when in front of rig

Keeping in mind the above point, it is also important for you to not come to a sudden stop when driving in front of an 18-wheeler. Large trucks cannot stop as quickly as cars, which means by applying sudden breaks, you are increasing the chances of getting hit by the vehicle behind. If that happens to be a rig, you can imagine the consequences!

Don’t rush around the rig

Don’t be in a hurry when maneuvering around an 18-wheeler. These large vehicles need wide turning spaces and may not be able to go as fast as small cars. When trying to overtake them, do so very carefully and avoid rushing. Be patient when the truck is turning as maneuvering a large vehicle is not easy.

In case of an accident, you will be held at fault and the court might rule in favor of the rig, if it is proved that you flouted any of these rules.

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