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Road to Recovery: Traumatic Brain Injury Accident Victims in Alabama

Road to Recovery: Traumatic Brain Injury Accident Victims in Alabama

It goes without saying that accident victims suffering from traumatic brain injury will have a long road to recovery.

In fact, it is such common knowledge, that we can lose sight of the real-world damage and costs that occur when such an accident takes place.

Traumatic brain injury victims are not mere statistics, however. They are real people with tangible loss and impactful stories. Jason’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the need for love, community and healing when Alabama accident victims are on the long road to recovery.

The Real-World Costs of Traumatic Brain Injury

The story of Jason and Christina Hardy is a narrative that reinforces the weighty nature of car accidents and subsequent traumatic brain injuries. The story begins in high school, where Jason and Christina were high school sweethearts. Their married life was a typical high school sweetheart story as they raised their two children. An accident on an early September morning changed everything.

Jason was called into work on an early shift, but a 3 a.m. call from Jason’s employer revealed to Christina that he had not shown up for work. Naturally, Christina was worried, and she drove his route to work in search of him. After failing to find him and failing to get an answer from his cell phone, Christina called the police department, followed by calls to local hospitals.

In a frantic state, she called a local hospital who informed her that a man who matched Jason’s description had been in a catastrophic accident. Christina was told that the man had been traveling through an intersection when a vehicle ran a red light, crashing into the vehicle at an alarming speed. The man had to be cut out of the vehicle, and his identification was left behind in the carnage.

When Christina arrived at the hospital, she found Jason. Jason had an extensive list of injuries, one of which included traumatic brain injury. Jason had a stroke on the right side of his body, a broken hip and pelvis, 14 shattered ribs and numerous facial fractures. Jason was not even expected to live, but against all odds, he survived after a medically-induced coma that lasted for eight days.

Jason had to relearn everything, and he continues to undergo extensive and intensive physical, occupational and speech therapies. His loving wife Christina has been there each step of the way, and Jason can now eat, drink and talk. Christina now spends most of her time taking care of Jason’s needs, but family has stepped in to lighten her load.

The community has also stepped up, organizing fundraisers for Jason’s recovery. The road to recovery will be long, but it is a recovery process that will also depend on legal proceeds from a case that is still ongoing. The costs of traumatic brain injury are all too real, demonstrating why an experienced Alabama accident attorney is your greatest ally when recovering from an accident.

Why You Need a Proven Alabama Accident Attorney

While Jason and his family is on the road to recovery, rest assured that their story is far from over. His family is depending on legal proceeds that will help cover the ongoing treatment and rehabilitation for Jason’s injuries. Without the help of a proven Alabama accident attorney, accident victims will not receive the compensation they deserve.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of an accident and suffer from traumatic brain injury like Jason, you need a proven Alabama accident attorney who will fight for you. Noel B. Leonard helps traumatic brain injury victims just like Jason in Baldwin, Mobile and Escambia Counties, and he fights for their right to receive the compensation needed to heal and recover.

Take the first step towards reclaiming and restoring your life by contacting Noel B. Leonard to discuss the facts of your case. Call 251-943-8638 or  schedule a consultation today.


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