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How Do You Know If You Have A Personal Injury Claim?

Many people who get injured due to another person’s misjudgment or negligence think of filing a personal injury lawsuit for compensation, but never do so in the end. They give up because they are not very sure whether they are entitled to a personal injury claim, or if they want to approach an Alabama lawyer and go to court for compensation. The processes involved and the doubts they have about their claim prevent them from getting the compensation they deserve. If you think you have a personal injury claim, here is what you should consider to confirm it. 

Who is responsible for your injury?

© Lucian Milasan - Fotolia.comThe first thing to consider here is the cause of your injury. It is important to gather all facts and determine the exact cause of your injury before filing a lawsuit against another person. To file a personal injury claim, the injury should have been caused by a third party. For example, if you were injured in an accident caused due to faulty gym equipment, you can sue the gym owner for causing injury to you. This is important to clarify because at times, you may also be responsible, even if partially, for your injuries. In that case, you cannot blame the third party entirely for what happened to you.

You have suffered injuries and also financial loss

Another factor to consider here is if you have suffered a personal injury. The extent of injury you have suffered determines how much compensation you should get. Also, you should consider if the physical injury has resulted in mental trauma. If yes, you could make a personal injury claim and can ask for compensation of medical expenditure as well as any other financial loss you may have incurred due to it.

For instance, if you were unable to go to work due to the injury, you can claim those losses also from the party that was responsible for the injury.

Incidents considered for personal injury

A person can get injured because of a third party under the following circumstances: Auto accidents; Slip and fall within the third party’s property; Medical malpractice; and Defective products or equipment.

No matter what the incident was, if it has resulted in injury to you due to another person’s mistake, you can file a personal injury claim and collect compensation to cover medical expenses, value of property that was damaged or destroyed, salary or wage lost due to disability caused by the injury, loss of companion, disfigurement, and rehabilitation.

To make sure you have a case, contact an Alabama personal injury lawyer to review your case before you file a lawsuit.

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