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Take Notes Right After A Personal Injury

An accident can begin and end in a blink of an eye. Relying only on your memory is not enough. Time moves forward and with each passing second we are forgetting important details about what happened. The better solution is to take notes immediately after the accident while the memory is still fresh. It will remind you of what happened in detail and the experiences you went through two, six or a year later.

When you take notes write about everything. That includes the accident, the injuries you suffered as a result, losses, conversations. Leave opinions out of it; facts are the ones that wins cases. If you think of extra details that you didn’t think of before write it down in your notes immediately. Keep those notes throughout the entire lawsuit or claim. Go back to the scene of the crime to jog your memory and take pictures.

Personal injuries are the bulk of the claim. Gather your thoughts about your personal injury starting with the day after the accident. Scribble pains, discomfort, lack of sleep, anxiety, headaches and similar side effects in your notes immediately. This is a supplement to explain to insurance companies, lawyers, courts, doctors and others about what happened after. Failure to do this will result in forgetting how the pain felt weeks or months later when it comes time for compensation. Doctors will even add what you tell them as part of your medical records. Medical records are great evidence to support your case later, so it’s important not to ignore personal injuries.

The scene of the accident is written to back up your claim. Make sure you jot down every detail. Start with how the accident occurred from beginning to end. What you were doing at the time, where you were going, the weather, the time, people who were with you and the actual accident. Explain in detail how the injury happene d. What you saw, the pain you felt, what you heard from your body and what you heard from witnesses and/or the other party involved. Write down any body shocks, twists or blows before, during and right after the accident.

Losses and conversations support the claim. Write good notes about what you lost after the accident. There may be a chance that you can gain pain and suffering, economic loss, social, educational or family loss compensation. Write how much work was missed, missed job opportunities, missed classes, meetings, social gatherings, events, vacations and other benefits to you that was lost because of the accident. Every conversation you had with everyone about the accident should be documented too. Names of people, topic of discussion, time, date must be written along with how it was done. Was it over the phone, through email or in person? Gather information about witnesses, insurance reps, medical physicians and adjuster.

If you need additional information about note-taking or representation, contact us. We are happy to assist in any way.

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