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How to Memorialize Your Injuries After an Alabama Auto Accident

Preserving or memorializing evidence of an injury that was sustained in an auto accident in Alabama is an important step to take, particularly for someone who is looking to file an insurance claim. It is critical to the success of a lawsuit that the evidence is memorialized properly so as to not alter it in any way. The best ways to memorialize injuries are to take photographs and keep a journal.

© anyaberkut - Fotolia.comTake photographs

Photographs are great pieces of evidence. After a car accident, be sure to take pictures of everything, including your injuries. It is important to keep in mind that injuries can easily change over time. In order to keep an accurate record of the injury, be sure to take pictures of it regularly as time progresses. These pictures will help to paint an accurate picture of the extent of the injuries and will also chronicle how long it took for them to heel appropriately. It is not essential that pictures come from a high-end camera or even an expensive one. Courts and claim adjusters will accept pictures that were taken on cell phones provided they clearly show the injuries.

Keep a journal

Keeping a journal of the sustained injuries is also an important step to take after a car accident. According to All About Car Accidents, the main point of keeping a journal after an accident is to gather evidence that will be needed for making an injury claim. Thus, everything that is recorded should go toward that goal. It is important that the journal be kept from the day the accident occurred through the time a claim is going to be filed, regardless of how long that is. Insurance claims are settled based on three factors: facts, evidence, and details. With that in mind, all journal entries should be as specific as possible and revolve around those elements.

The first journal entry

The first journal entry should detail everything the injured party can remember before, during and after the accident. There is no detail too small to include; it is always better to have too much information than not enough. Victims should write down everything that was seen and heard, the reaction to the accident, and how they felt.

Subsequent journal entries

In the days following the accident the injured party should continue to keep the journal. This part of the journal should include any details that are recently remembered, any new aches and pains that arise and changes to the injured body parts. The injured party should include information about how he or she feels on a daily basis and if the pain is getting better or worse. It is also beneficial to include information regarding visits to doctors (including clinics, physical therapy, and emergency room visits) and insurance claims. Share the journal with your attorney periodically to provide essential updates.


There is no set number of entries or amount of time for keeping a journal of an injury that was sustained in a car accident. Entries should be made whenever the injured party feels there is something to report. Generally, entries will be more frequent shortly after the accident and will begin to taper off as time progresses and the injuries have less of an impact on daily life.


It is important to note that there is no guarantee that the journal will stay private; in fact, it is very likely that many people will see what was written in the journal, especially if the case ends up in a court of law. Those keeping an injury journal should be careful about how thoughts are expressed within the pages of the journal. All journals should not only be accurate, they should have a more professional and business-like tone rather than a personal and emotional one.

The journal as a helpful tool

Since the journal is being used to document effects of injuries, it is a good idea to take it to the doctor during appointments. This will help the injured party fully describe what has been going on without missing any details. An added benefit of using the journal at the doctor’s office is that the information will then be documented in the doctor’s medical records and will hold more weight with the insurance company when it is time to settle the claim.

Being injured in a car accident can be scary and nerve-wracking. In the state of Alabama, when someone is seeking an insurance settlement for the injuries that were sustained in a car accident, taking photos and keeping a journal that memorialize the extent of the injuries are key ways to help assure a positive outcome for the claim.

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