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The History Of Foley Alabama

Since our law office is located in Foley Alabama, we thought it would be interesting to give you the history of the town we call home. Enjoy!

foley alabamaFoley is a small city inside of Baldwin County, Alabama, USA. According to a census done in 2010, the total population of the city is 14,618. This city is one of the principal cities in the Foley metropolitan statistical area. There is an 18-hole golf course in Foley, and it is one of the best courses in this province. Now, this small city has an interesting history of its own, which perhaps commences with the visit of Mr. John B. Foley in the year 1901. The history of Foley Alabama is all about Mr. Foley.

Man Foley meets land Foley

As implied by the naming of this small town, the founder of this town was Mr. John B. Foley of Chicago, and he founded the city in order to make some real money out of a large scale real estate business. Mr. Foley was traveling in order to attend the funeral ceremony of contemporary President McKinley, and on the way he got the chance to meet a railway agent. During the course of the conversation, the agent told him about the south Baldwin County area and the merits of purchasing some of the property. Foley came and visited the place and purchased 40,000 acres of land.

Foley had the rail: it’s all about history

On returning to Chicago, post attending the funeral ceremony of the late President, Foley formed his real-estate company, Magnolia Land Company and started selling off his land in plots. However, in the course of selling the land, he felt that if there was a better way to get to the place, he would have made more of a profit off of it. Mr. Foley was a businessman indeed; however, his business insight was somehow inspired by unique philanthropy. Using his personal funds, he started building a railway from Minette to Foley to increase ease of transport to and from the area. The accounts of prosperity in the city of Foley started its rolling toward development. The history of Foley, Alabama commenced with the first railway station, formed in the year 1905, but unfortunately, that station was completely destroyed by a fire in the year 1908. The next year, the railway station was rebuilt and is now a part of the museum.

How Foley grew up

Mr. Foley contributed a lot to the development of this city. He donated land for schools and a church. By 1905, the area was quite populated. By 1915, the area had its own post office. Initially, the area was an agricultural belt known for potato cultivation, but with its urbanization, slowly industrialization started to creep in. The first industry in Foley was a bottling company, which used to produce a soft drink named SKI-Hi. The first newspaper in this city was “The onlooker”. The first Mayor was named Mr. G. I. Weatherly.

The Foley Depot museum gives you a glimpse into the history of Foley Alabama through its model train archive as well as old photos. Downtown Foley is registered as one of the historical spots in Alabama.

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