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Foley AL Car Accidents and the Possible Side Effects of Whiplash

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries that can be sustained in a Foley AL car accident. It occurs when the head is fiercely jolted forward and back as a result of the impact of the vehicle. Since the action is sudden, unexpected, and unnatural, the tendons and ligaments in the neck become damaged. The immediate result of whiplash is pain and discomfort. However, the injury can have some other short and long-term side effects as well. Read below to learn about the many possible side effects of whiplash.

© creative soul - Fotolia.comImmediate symptoms

Whiplash happens suddenly, and it brings with it some immediate repercussions. Anyone who sustains whiplash can expect to feel some discomfort and pain in the neck. The pain can even spread down into the upper back. People may also experience a reduced level of mobility in the neck and might have difficulty turning their head. Other types of pain associated with whiplash include frequent headaches and dizziness.

Other symptoms

Whiplash can also cause other side effects that might not immediately be connected to the injury, but are related nonetheless. Whiplash can be the culprit behind maladies such as sleeping difficulties, travel anxiety, and weakness or numbness in the limbs.

Short-term effects

Whiplash brings with it obvious neck pain and discomfort. More severe cases can also have other effects that arise within a few days of sustaining the injury. Many people feel symptoms such as obvious tenderness in the neck and shoulder region. Often, that tenderness is a result of swelling that has occurred. A person with whiplash can also experience muscle spasms, particularly in the back of the neck, front of the neck, and back of the shoulders. Due to the pain that is experienced, people suffering from whiplash can also experience problems with flexing, extending, and rotating their head. Pain from whiplash can also extend to the jaw. Someone who has had whiplash might also experience jaw pain, which results in difficulty chewing and swallowing. The worst cases can even extend to nerve damage that results in vision problems and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Long-term consequences

Suffering from a whiplash injury can result in many long-term effects that victims of injury can feel for years after sustaining the original injury. Research has linked whiplash to occurrences of several different types of maladies. They have been able to connect instances of breathing issues including allergies to whiplash injuries. There is also evidence to suggest that whiplash injuries may contribute to instances of digestive issues, cardiovascular disorders, hypertension (high blood pressure), and lower back pain.

Compromised immune system

Whiplash can result in a compromised immune system. People who were relatively healthy before experiencing whiplash might be more apt to catching colds or the flu than they were before. Also, these illnesses are more likely to turn into more severe illnesses such as bronchitis.

Non-physical issues

Whiplash injuries can result in more than just physical injuries. They can affect brain function as well. Many people who have had whiplash have also experienced memory loss as a result. It also seems this issue occurs in most whiplash victims to some extent. Victims of whiplash can have trouble remaining focused, have a hard time concentrating and are easily disoriented. Some people have been known to develop disorders such as dyslexia as a result of a whiplash injury.

Psychological effects

Although whiplash has numerous physical effects, they shouldn’t overshadow the emotional and psychological effects of the condition. Due to the fact that whiplash is a condition that can result in chronic pain for someone who suffers from it, there is a good chance that people who experience whiplash will also suffer psychological effects as well. Whiplash has been known to cause depression, anxiety, mood swings, anger, stress, and post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Drug dependency

Many individuals require medication to deal with the pain that results from whiplash. Since the pain can extend for long periods of time, many people develop a dependency on the highly-potent medications they are prescribed to deal with the pain. If the dependency is prolonged and goes untreated, its effects can quickly creep into every other aspect of the affected person’s life.

On the surface level, whiplash seems like it is a minor inconvenience. However, anyone who has experienced it can tell you, that’s not the case. The chronic pain that can result from whiplash sustained in a car accident can result in a multitude of side effects that can compromise someone’s physical, emotional, and mental abilities. Anyone who sustains a whiplash injury in a car accident should seek medical advice as soon as possible in order to lessen the potential debilitating effects. It is also important to consult with an attorney immediately after a car accident to find out if a person can be compensated for his or her injuries due to the negligence of another party.

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