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12 Most Common Auto Accident Injuries Sustained in 18-Wheeler Crashes

12 Most Common Auto Accident Injuries Sustained in 18-Wheeler Crashes

When a passenger vehicle is involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, the results can be devastating. The size of the truck and force of the impact combine and may lead to some terrible results. It is virtually impossible for the people who are involved in these horrific accidents to come out unscathed. Read below to see some of the most common injuries sustained in 18-wheeler accidents.

Broken bones

One of the most common injuries someone can sustain from an 18-wheeler accident is a broken bone. Semis are so large that the sheer force of their impact is enough to cause the bones of the people in the vehicle to break.

Soft-tissue injuries

Soft-tissue injuries are often a common outcome of an 18-wheeler accident. The cause is often flying glass or metal parts. This type of injury includes tears, cuts, or sprains to soft-tissue areas such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These injuries vary in severity from minor irritations to significant injuries that require surgery to fix. Even minor soft-tissue injuries can result in permanent scarring that can have an adverse effect on the victim.


When an 18-wheeler and passenger vehicle collide, there is a good chance a fire can start. Victims who are trapped in the car can easily sustain serious burns. Even those who are not stuck in the vehicle are still at risk for burns as well. Burns are not only painful, they can also leave permanent scarring and cause limited mobility in the affected area.

Head wounds

The head is extremely susceptible to injury. Head injuries can vary in severity from minor cuts and scrapes to swelling tissue and skull fractures. The more severe injuries often result in cognitive issues such as memory loss, diminished cognitive functions, loss of speech or language skills, and even blindness.

Back injuries

The impact of an 18-wheeler accident can cause a passenger in the car to sustain a back injury. Even if the injury is not as severe as a spinal cord injury, a back injury is still something that needs to be taken seriously. Minor back injuries can result in chronic pain that needs to be managed for many years. Some types of back injuries can lead to more serious health issues such as paralysis.

Internal injuries

Injuries to internal organs are prevalent occurrences. People involved in accidents are often victims of crushing pressure that can break ribs that then puncture or otherwise damage the lungs, heart, or other organs. Normally surgery is required to repair the internal organs that are damaged during an 18-wheeler accident. In fact, sometimes several surgeries are necessary if the damage is extremely severe.

Internal bleeding

Internal bleeding from an 18-wheeler accident can have many origins. It can be caused by blunt trauma, deceleration trauma or bone fractures, to name a few. Internal bleeding can be dangerous, particularly if it isn’t treated right away. It is imperative for a victim of internal bleeding to get medical assistance as soon as possible.

Abdominal injuries

The abdomen is particularly vulnerable during an accident with an 18-wheeler. Although these injuries may not be seen immediately, they can be catastrophic. Abdominal injuries often require surgery to repair. Often abdominal injuries cause victims to have difficulty absorbing nutrients and the ability to eat certain foods can also be affected.

Traumatic brain injuries

Brain injuries, including concussions, are commonly sustained injuries resulting from an 18-wheeler accident. Some brain injuries are relatively mild, but some can be severe. Even mild brain injuries are serious and can result in permanent damage and cognitive issues.

Emergency amputation

Due to the weight and forward momentum that are present, emergency amputations might be necessary for people who are involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler. The severe impact of the accident can also result in crushed bones that also could result in amputation as a means to prevent the patient from dying of internal bleeding.

Spinal cord injuries

One of the more severe injuries that can be sustained in an 18-wheeler accident is a spinal cord injury. Even the slightest injury to the spinal cord can be serious. People who sustain spinal cord injuries can end up with life-long problems, such as limited mobility and paralysis.


Sadly, the chance of death is a realistic possibility when a passenger vehicle and an 18-wheeler collide. The size difference between the two vehicles, combined with the force of the impact, is often too great for a human being’s body to withstand. When that is the case, the outcome is sometimes the most tragic of results.

Being involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler can be both physically and mentally devastating to those who are involved. If you are involved in an accident with one of these massive trucks, be sure to get medical assistance as soon as possible. Also, be sure to protect your rights by contacting a qualified legal representative who is experienced in this type of accident.

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