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Common Driving Practices That Can Result in Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are a common occurrence in Alabama. According to the US Department of Transportation, around 500,000 truck accidents occur every year, of which 5,000 result in fatalities. In addition to loss of lives, trucking accidents also result in loss of billions of dollars every year. Negligent driving and lack of knowledge about driving around trucks are among the major causes of trucking accidents. In addition to that, dangerous practices by trucking companies can also lead to major trucking accidents, and also lawsuits that can cost the company in hundreds of thousands or more dollars.

© tridland - Fotolia.comSetting unrealistic schedules

Speeding is one of the major causes of truck accidents in the country. When driving on highways, it is important to maintain the speed limits to avoid collisions that can result in fatalities. This is especially important when the truck is carrying toxic or inflammable content. One of the main reasons truckers cross the speed limit is the deadline. Almost all trucking companies need their employees to deliver goods on time, which is not a problem in itself. However, unrealistic schedules, which force the truckers to go beyond the speed limit, can lead to accidents and lawsuits.

Overloaded trucks

Another dangerous practice is to overload trucks to save multiple trips to the destination. This may seem like a good idea for the business, but overloading makes it hard for the driver to control the vehicle. Speeding, combined with overloading can result in fatal truck accidents, which could have been avoided in the first place.

Trying to save time with shortcuts

Another dangerous practice is to use shortcuts instead of highways when driving a truck with dangerous inflammable liquids and gases. Some truck drivers tend to take shortcuts through populated communities, which is a dangerous practice. Should there be an accident in such an area, the driver not only risks his or her life, but also jeopardizes the safety of people of the community who are near the vehicle.

Driver fatigue

Some companies not only have unrealistic schedules, they also encourage their drivers to stay on the road longer than they should, which often results in driver fatigue. This fatigue is yet another reason for fatal accidents involving trucks on highways.

If the trucking accident is proven to have been caused due to negligence of the truck driver or due to bad hiring and management policies of the truck company, the company will have to cough up huge sums of money to settle lawsuits. If that is something you wish to avoid, put a stop to the dangerous practices mentioned above.

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