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ALEA Official Continues a Growing Divide by Accusing Legislators of Lying

ALEA Official Continues a Growing Divide by Accusing Legislators of Lying

Spencer Collier, the head of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA), has been trying for weeks to enhance the safety of Alabama roads. Collier has argued that Alabama road safety is underfunded and that more state troopers are needed to adequately patrol those roads.

In recent weeks, the arguments have only intensified. As Alabama lawmakers continue to allege that the ALEA is an example of government waste and inefficiency, Collier is now lashing back, claiming those accusations are nothing but lies.

Alabama Rep. Ed Henry and Senator Arthur Orr recently claimed that state troopers must drive to Montgomery to get an oil change for their patrol cars. This practice, they claim, is an example of the ALEA’s inefficiency and ineffective allocation of their budget and resources. The problem with this claim, according to the ALEA, is that it is simply untrue.

While arguments like these mean that the Alabama legislative session is in full swing, Collier stresses that he told the legislators in question that this oil change practice had been stopped. Orr retorted that he did not make it clear that the practice had stopped. According to Orr, the ALEA head recognized that it was an issue and stated that the ALEA “was working on it”.

Lawmakers like Orr and Henry continue to rail against the ALEA’s government waste, but Alabama lawmakers are already on record as not being in favor of budget increases. These lawmakers believe the ALEA has to make do with the money they already receive. Senator Orr is on record as saying that the ALEA must go without an increased budget because the money simply “ain’t there”.

For Collier’s part, this is yet another lie from the lawmakers. Collier said that this issue is conforming to the old adage that people will believe a lie if it is repeated often enough. No matter which side of the discussion you fall on, the point may be moot.

Governor Bentley’s recent budget proposal called for the ALEA to be level-funded. Collier blasted the idea that the ALEA is truly level-funded in 2015, stating that it was only funded for three quarters in reality. As such, it seems likely that Collier and the ALEA may well be unhappy with the latest budget proposal, assuming Alabama lawmakers approve the budget.

The one thing all sides can agree on is that the ALEA is an essential Alabama agency for keeping roads safe. In Governor Bentley’s State of the State address, he stated that the ALEA has become one of the most efficient and effective agencies in the State.

Bentley continued to say that the ALEA must be adequately funded in order to protect Alabamans from harm. If Collier and the ALEA are correct, Alabama roads are not being adequately protected from those harms.

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