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Ages 25-34 Cause Most Serious Auto Injuries in Baldwin & Escambia Counties

Ages 25-34 Cause Most Serious Auto Injuries in Baldwin & Escambia Co.

An auto accident can occur any time of day, and on any road or street. It is a calculated risk everyone takes when they climb into a vehicle. However statistics show that some demographics, some times of the day, and certain behaviors raise the risk of being involved in a car accident significantly.

There is a reason that many auto insurance companies have tiered programs where rates decrease as drivers get older. Auto insurers base their rates on the risk they take insuring certain motorists.

According to research done by the Center for Advanced Public Safety done by the University of Alabama, 20% of serious auto accidents in Baldwin and Escambia County in Alabama are caused by young adults ages 25-34.

This age group often comes as a surprise to many as it is a common assumption that older drivers or teen drivers are more reckless. Baldwin and Escambia County statistics also show that 63% of these drivers were male and 25% of vehicles which caused the accident were pickup trucks.

It is Not Fate

It is not bad luck nor fate that cause a higher number of male drivers in the 25-34 age group to be in more serious accidents. In reality, some major factors included:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI) 12.5%
  • Driving over the speed limit 8%

The University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center also released a study which observed, one in four car accidents occur during rush hour, the hours between 4pm and 6pm, Monday through Friday. Even the safest of drivers have a much higher likelihood of being involved in an accident during this time frame. Young drivers in this age group make up a large percentage of working professionals commuting to and from work which makes it no surprise they contribute to these statistics.

According to neuroscientist Sandra Aamodt, the human brain is still maturing even in young adulthood. This does not excuse reckless or impulsive behavior but it may give causation.

If an accident occurs it is important to know that you have rights and responsibilities. If you are unsure about proper steps to take consider contacting an Alabama car accident attorney for guidance.

Awareness Can Help Reduce the Number of Serious Accidents

Cautious driving, and realizing that the risks are even greater at peak times of the day can help reduce your risk of involvement in an accident. Whether you fit the mold of a high-risk driver or not, it is important to be cautious and aware of your surroundings at all times.

Steps To Take After an Accident

If you are in an accident there are some things you should know, and some immediate steps you should take.

  • Make sure you and everyone else involved is safe.
  • Do not admit blame. In the heat of the moment, it is easy to try to take the blame or allow the fault to fall on your shoulders. Respectfully do not go out of your way to admit fault, for insurance purposes.
  • If anyone is injured or if the damage exceeds $250 call the police so they can help and file a report.
  • Send Form SR-13 to the Alabama Department of Public Safety within 30 days of the accident.
  • Report the accident to your insurance company immediately

If you are the victim of a serious auto accident in Escambia or Baldwin County do not delay in contacting a local Alabama auto accident attorney to review your case properly. Foley attorney Noel B. Leonard represents serious auto injury victims and offers legal representation and no-obligation consultations which remain confidential. Schedule a consultation with Noel today.

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